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Welcome to the Mitsubishi Motor Vehicles website. The Japanese car manufacturer Mitsubishi is as famous around the world as it is in Japan and the United States of America. It was originally founded in 1870 by Yataro Iwasaki, who set it up as a shipping company with his son, brother and nephew, who all went on to diversify the  scope of the company’s function during the term as company president that they each held at one point. After World War II the original Mitsubishi company was dissolved and the group of independent businesses was formed, which is exactly the organisation the company still holds today, being a conglomerate of a number of independent businesses all operating together under the one banner, Mitsubishi. Once World War had ended the new Mitsubishi conglomerate returned to its previous activity of producing cars for the Japanese market, and it manufactured a number of buses and other vehicles too at this time. Mitsubishi Heavy Industries was separated in 1950, becoming three independent companies, named West Japan Heavy Industries, Central Japan Heavy Industries and East Japan Heavy Industries. There are a vast number of businesses that operate under the Mitsubishi banner, and as such the brand name is recognizable for interests in a great number of different industries.

The Mitsubishi Motors Corporation is just one of these businesses operating under the umbrella of Mitsubishi, but it is solely devoted to the design and manufacture of motor vehicles, and has become Japan’s fourth biggest car manufacturer. The Mitsubishi Motors Corporation operates out of its headquarters in Minato, Tokyo, but the company has a visible presence in pretty much every major car buying country in the world. It has over the years performed so well that it is now rated as one of the world’s top fifteen car manufacturers. Its spectacular success is primarily a result of the company’s readiness to incorporate the latest and most innovative technologies developed in Japan over the years, while simultaneously keeping production costs low, and passing some of this saving on to the consumer. For those in the market for a new or second hand Mitsubishi, there are a vast array of models and iterations available, and thanks to the consistency of

Mitsubishi’s build quality, it is very hard to find yourself with a poor example. Nevertheless it is always a good idea to buy your Mitsubishi from a reputable dealership, preferably an official Mitsubishi dealership. Mitsubishi Fuso is the name of the conglomerates truck manufacturing arm, and it is one of the biggest manufacturers of vehicles designed for carrying commercial goods in the world. Mitsubishi Fuso trucks are the first choice for commercial enterprises all over the globe that are in need of a reliable, strong performing and comfortable truck. Mitsubishi Fuso trucks first became popular in the global marketplace during the 1980’s, after having conquered the Asia-Pacific market during the 1970’s. If you would like more information about Mitsubishi Motor Vehicles, please send us an email.

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